Thursday, April 7, 2011

Not Mine, But Thine Lord

   After trying to succeed on my own, I have realized that I can only control what is within my power to control. The question is..... Do I have power over my eating, my daily walk, my talk, my every move, my every temptation, my every thought? Nope. No one has! Not as long as they are in this body. Realization is... I sin. I take things for granted. I expect to solve things on my own and then go to God when I can't handle it myself. Sound familiar? If so, then you are admitting that you are human too.
   So what I did next has been a revelation to myself and others. I talked to God and said, "Lord, I turn this over to you. Free me from this cycle of eating too much". Then I got out a notebook and dated Wednesday, March 16 and I wrote everything I had eaten that day. EVERYTHING. I left nothing out and didn't fudge at all on the amounts of foods that I had consumed. My total was 48 points. That was 19 points over my daily points allowance. I wrote my weight down too. It was then down to 194.4.
    I wrote that exact prayer on the bottom of that page and It was like God said, "Go to My Word and I will guide you". I opened up my Bible to the 17th chapter of Matthew. At the top of the next page in my notebook, I wrote this verse...If you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, move from here to there and it will be moved and nothing will be impossible for you.
   My mountain is being moved! This mountain of belly fat has made me have digestion problems, made my blood pressure extremely high, made my legs hurt, my energy low, my joints achy. I could go on and on. I know that to some people this doesn't seem like a case of severe obesity, but even 10 extra pounds can make a difference when it comes to your health. An extra 50  lbs has been taking a toll on my body and my self esteem for many years.
   God has helped me to start writing down scripture and recording my prayer journal along with my food journal. I haven't missed a day of being honest, being prayerful and thanking God for what he is doing within my body. This body is not mine. It is a vessel that I am borrowing while here on earth. But, God expects me to take care of it so it can be used for His glory. So I try to remember every day; "Not Mine, But Thine Lord. Not Mine, But Thine"

                                          Here I am today!!!!    April 7th at 184 lbs.!!!!!!

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