Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Little Debbie is NOT my friend!

Weighing in after a bad week is dreadful! Headaches and not journaling all week can cause someone to be tempted to skip a meeting. But I sucked it up and went on my merry way to WW. When I stepped on the scale, I closed my eyes and waited for the bad news. It is a very intense moment when you weigh in, because you cannot see your numbers anyway. The lady looks at her little screen and starts writing in your booklet. You have to kinda peer over at it or wait for her to hand it to you. Of course if you lose any, she says "congratulations", but I had went ahead and let her and those around me know that I was expecting a gain. She says "Not too bad, only a two tenths gain. Try stepping off the scale and blowing out all your air and let me weigh you again". I thought she was joking. Then she says "Go ahead, it works sometimes". I stepped back (feeling rather stupid), blew out all my air, stepped back on the scale and guess what??? It didn't work. Well I just thanked God for such a low gain. I made sure to tell the class to always count before eating when you are sick, because I had ate four Little Debbie Oatmeal Cakes (not all at one time) the day before when I was sick with a terrible headache. When I counted the points I had eaten twenty points in Little Debbie cakes alone!!! My daily limit is twenty nine. We all concluded that day that Little Debbie is not our friend.

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