Monday, April 4, 2011

No More Monkeying Around

                                                        No More Monkeying Around!

Wow! I had a good week on my 3rd. weigh in. Lost 3.8 lbs. for a total of 13lbs. lost. Actually I need to say "shed" or "got rid of" because when you lose something it sounds like you need to find it. So anyway, I had a good week. I decided to start attending the Saturday morning meetings because I was planning to attend a water exercise class on Monday nights. But, during this Saturday meeting they were talking about using the 48 bonus points each week. I had not been using mine, but I had not measured exactly and had guessed on some points values. I had not journaled but three days this week either. One lady said she used her bonus points after her weigh in as a reward. I had not had a "reward" in a month. I left that meeting thinking "What is my favorite thing to eat?" A reward should be heavenly, right? So my choice was a pecan log roll. A small one, of course. So I left the meeting and stopped at two convenience stores only to find that nobody had any. A peanut butter delight wouldn't do. It had to be a pecan log roll!!! So I thought about the CVS close by and guess what?  No luck there either. Well, wouldnt'you know that my 14 yr. old son was calling my cell, wondering where I was. I had to get home but I was like a shark on the hunt for blood. So I stopped at one more gas station and grabbed a Reeces cup. Before I got home I stopped at another store to throw away the wrapper. I felt really guilty and hid the evidence of my error from my family. I didn't write down my foods for the next week either. What a slump. Something had to give and I needed to stop this monkey business. But how????

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  1. It's three years later now and I remember that day very well!