Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Message From God; "I Can't Help You If You Don't Try."

After walking a 5k in May, I am determined to do it again and next time I will jog or run. The problem is, my calves are sooo tight before  the race. By the end, I was grimacing. I had shin splints (tightening of the shins) after going from the pavement to the dirt path. Over 45 minutes later at the finish line I was second to last, in front of a lady who was in her sixties and had knee surgery the year before. Most of the race, I was ahead of her and a pregnant lady (who was pushing a child in a stroller). Then of all things, the pregnant lady passed me right before the finish line. But I kept my chin up and accepted congratulations for finishing the race. I tried jogging around the neighborhood last week and it was like I just could not get my legs to lift up and step forward when I started trying to pick up speed. I even dreamed that I was trying to run and my legs would not go. I have really been stressing about it until this for a few weeks now. I have been planning on going out every morning for a jog or at least a walk to start up my metabolism. This past Monday morning, while still in bed, I told my husband I would put off my morning walk. I laid there for a few minutes and then I started feeling guilty. It was then that these words just popped in my head...... "I can't help you if you don't try."  I knew that this was a message straight from God. So I got my butt up, got ready and went out the door. When I came back in Monday, I told my 16 yr old son that I had hardly gotten going when that awful feeling had come back. He, being a runner (although in hiatus because of a recent hip surgery) showed me some calf stretches and helped me to hold them enough to do some good. I have taken his advise and went out the last two mornings for a short wog, walk/jog in my neighborhood. And I can tell that God is doing what I asked. My legs are loosening up and I know that I will be able to make record time (for me) the next time I try that 5k trail again. Praise be to God for the changes in my life both physically and spiritually. He is working on me and He can do the same for you too. Nothing is too small or too big for My God!!!

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  1. Hey Mitzi! I am so inspired by you documentation of your journey. I am reading Made to Crave by Lysa Turkhurst right now. If you haven't read it, you should. Keep going girl!