Monday, June 6, 2011

Tip # 1....Try the Blue Plate Special! You'll eat less!

Last week I read in a magazine that eating out of blue dinnerware can trick your mind into not wanting seconds. Well, being in the painting business, I know first hand that colors do affect your mood. So, I gave it a try and found two light blue plates in my cabinet and some matching bowls.The result....... I think it really works!!! The theory is that blue is such a calming color that it satisfies you more when you eat food in a blue plate. Never eat from red or in a room with lots of red. Red makes you hungry. Now you know why alot of restaurants paint their walls red. Especially Italian. Sooooo, start pulling out the blue or buy you a calming blue table setting. Maybe it's all in the mind, but if it works, I don't care how. Just that it does!!

How do looking at these plates make you feel????????? 

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