Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Losing Weight At A Snail's Pace

Yep. You heard me. Lately, I have gotten pretty doggone lazy. I haven't quit exercising altogether. I still do water aerobics, but only on Mondays. And my walking? Well, I guess I've really wimped out on my walking/jogging lately (I call it wogging). I know..I know... I just talked about wanting to jog in my last post and I still believe that God showed me to keep trying if I wanted His help. Truth is...I have no excuse for why I have gotten lazy. I can blame it on lack of time, but I am sitting here typing (of course it is storming right now) instead of exercising. I could say it's because I have been working out in the heat for the last two weeks, but if I tried harder I could wake up early and go for a morning jog. I have a membership at the YMCA that is a 10 minute drive from my house, but once I sit down (especially after supper) I am down for the count. Don't get me wrong. I am still losing and have actually gotten down to 169.6 from my starting weight of 207.4. But if I don't get moving, I will stall out. It's funny how you know what to do sometimes but don't do it. I still track all my food, write my Scripture and write down my nightly prayer journal. Now I just need to get moving!!!!!!  Any advise or tips from my friends and supporters would be very helpful. (Oh, yeah, I did do a little dancing up in Virginia this past weekend. If I flatfooted like that every day I would surely get my metabolism going, but the joints won't allow such pounding before they would start to scream. )


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  1. Mitzi, I used to have that lazy problem. But after God said, "Hey get up and get healthy (by giving me a scare with a Heart Attack)". Motivation and Laziness are no longer a problem. The Best advise is move before you snooze. If you know that you will not move after you sit down and get comfortable. Then don't get comfortable, just keep moving until you get your exercise done, then relax. You will feel better physically, mentally & emotionally.
    Love you,