Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's Fun To Stay At The YMCA!!!!!!

                          After a day at the pool during our Beechnut Family Campground camping trip.

 And go camping and fishing and swimming and.......... well you get my drift. I have been sooo busy. For Mother's day I got a YMCA membership (for the whole family) and I love it!!! Water aerobics are awesome and the Fitlinxx training system set up there helps me stay motivated and allows me to get personal advise from wellness coaches. And now the drumroll.......... I have lost 35.2 lbs!!!!  Adding activities is very motivating, but....... for the last few weeks I have had a little trouble with craving carbs afterwards. Solution??? Recommitt and ask God to renew my mind. This past week I had a 2.6 lb. weight loss after gaining .6 last week. God is soooo good!!!!!

                              At one of the three catch and release ponds at Beechnut Campgrund.

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