Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Seeking Inspiration and Encouragement One Again

It is now 2016 and three weeks ago I joined Weight Watchers once again.... for the 4th time. In three weeks I have only managed to lose 3.6 lbs. but that is a start. I am approaching my 50th birthday at 217 lbs. and with so many health problems that it is crazy. I was diagnosed last month with FIBROMYALGIA. My right ankle has an old injury (torn ligaments and cartilage with nerve damage). I have carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands and had the surgery on my right hand just yesterday. I have sleep apnea with sleep paralysis, high BP and many other issues. My last post should have been the start of a new me, but sadly to say, I have somehow lost the me that had willpower and determination! This me has depression and anxiety, fatigue and joint problems. I know that my mentality can improve my health so.... I am here again trying to blog my feelings in a effort to motivate myself and hopefully others to STOP GIVIVING UP!! I know that God has control of all things but he also expects us to do our part. Mentally, physically, financially and spiritually! May this be the start of a better me once again....God I pray for strength and determination once again in the name of your son, JESUS....AMEN.

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