Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Good Intentions

I weighed in on Valentines Day at a Monday night meeting and saw that I had already lost 7 lbs. I was excited, but saddened by the fact that I could not count my acheivement while others were celebrating and getting stars for losing their 5 lbs. As I looked around the nearly filled room, I saw a very good friend from my church there. I never would have thought she needed Weight Watchers. She waved for me to sit beside her and then whispered that she was a lifetime member who had lost over 40 lbs. This immediately gave me encouragement to do this thing. At this point, though, my salvation from the weight rested solely on the program at hand. Finding out that all my old WW books were obsolete (because it was now "Points Plus") was a dissapointment. I wasn't about to pay that much money again for the calculater, recipe books, points guide etc. So I figured I would sign into WW online and get help. There I found what I needed to "get by" until I could afford at least the calculator.  Oh, how I missed the slide scale that first week. This was going to be difficult. At least the way I was going about it all was a good effort and the next weigh in would tell.

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